Skaičiuotuvas Iskra 111 (rus. Искра 111) – buvo gaminamas įvairiose Sovietų Sąjungos gamyklose nuo 1972 metų. Skaičiai atvaizduojami dėka viduje esančių 12-os nixie lempučių.

Išmatavimai: 35 x 30 x 12 cm
Svoris: ~7.5 kg

Iskra 111 is a Soviet calculator produced since 1972, but it is structurally reminiscent of calculators manufactured 10 years ago in western Europe and in the USA. The machine is built without using elements of large scale integration, which have already been used frequently. It should also be remembered that a year earlier appeared on the market the first system called “calculator on a chip”, thanks to which the size of desktop calculators drastically decreased. But this is another story… A characteristic feature is the use of nixie tubes, which in the 1970’s were already out of use. The most interesting element, however, is the memory used in this counting machine. This is an acoustic memory with a delay line and this solution makes the calculator an interesting item for collectors.

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