Name Meaning

Adrijus name meaning? This name comes from the Latin root: Hadria > Hădrĭānus, meaning “from the city Hadria“, with reference to the modern and ancient city of Atri (province of Teramo) or Etruscan Adria (province of Rovigo), both of which claim the honor of having given its name to the Adriatic Sea. Several saints and six popes have borne this name, including the only English pope, Adrian IV, and the only Dutch pope, Adrian VI. Hadrian (Latin: Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus 76–138), was Roman Emperor from 117 to 138. He is best known for building Hadrian’s Wall, which marked the northern limit of Roman Britain.

Numerological Values: 1

The number 1 is associated with leadership and independence. People with this name-number demonstrate great inner strength and have much potential for financial success and other accomplishments in life. These individuals are believed to make good use of their inborn talents and leadership abilities to influence and lead people.